Rowan Percy - MA, RCC

Counselling on Salt Spring Island

for Individuals, Couples and Families

Welcome to my counselling site. There is a way through whatever dilemma or difficulty you might be facing. Personal problems that seem overwhelming can become manageable. Our challenges can teach us about ourselves and may open doors to a renewed life.

The focus of my counselling practice on Saltspring is to help you explore the challenges that confront you, to discover how to apply your strengths and to change as you need to.

Congratulations! Looking for a therapist is a big step! You have made a start by exploring here.

This Home page tells you what services I offer.

To find out more about the way I work with clients, go to the Counselling page.

To read about how to find and choose a therapist, go to the blog, Finding a Therapist.

I am open to your inquiry. To make an appointment, or if you have further questions, please use the contact form below.


I offer short term work, which helps people with specific problems in a few sessions. A few examples could be a difficult work relationship, time management challenges or a health crisis.

I also offer "depth therapy" which explores your life in a wholistic way. To understand more about depth therapy, please go to my blog and read the post, The Counselling Relationship.

At all times my intention is to support you and help you see your life realistically, with self-acceptance and compassion, no matter the circumstances.

While some issues clients bring to counselling can be resolved in a few sessions, some problems have deeper roots that may be traced back to earlier stages of life or to habits or beliefs that no longer serve you. Perhaps our behaviours seem out of control and we find ourselves reacting in ways we wish we wouldn't. These matters can be explored with compassion and understanding, which can lead to healing and change.

How we function in life is often rooted in family-of-origin experiences, in beliefs and attitudes that prevailed as we grew up. Although many people make a conscious shift away from earlier influences, we can be more affected by childhood experiences than we realize.

We are not at fault if we have not been able to develop the optimum skills for meeting life.




About counselling through the covid pandemic

My partner and I live with immune system issues, so I am careful about potential exposure to covid or other viruses. My counselling practice is almost exclusively online. Face-to-face counselling is of course preferable. The article I refer to, below, will help you understand my choice to be online.

We have, as societies around the world, lived with covid since March 2020, almost three years. What a marathon! Unfortunately, it continues. The effect on our lives has been profound, and this too may be a reason to seek counselling. This well-researched article from The Tyee provides, in my view, good information about the current state of the covid-19 virus, as of Februrary 2023, and should make it clear why I continue to offer counselling online:

I will, in quite limited circumstances, see clients in-office, if we can both meet certain criteria. Please enquire with me if you would like to explore that possibility. Otherwise, please assume counselling with me will be online.


Counselling is not only a way to solve problems. It is also an opportunity to develop a richer, kinder, more open relationship with yourself and others in your life.