Rowan Percy - MA, RCC

Counselling with Rowan

“Gentle attention to the cues of mind, body and emotions.”

I offer both short-term counselling and long-term depth psychotherapy, on Salt Spring Island, for individuals or couples, whether partners, parents and children or other kinds of relationship.

Who I work with

I see people from all walks of life who would like support with the issues and experiences that arise in everyday life.

What issues do I work with?

Human beings are multi-faceted and I don't limit the areas I work in. Examples of issues that people want to explore with me are: dealing with COVID-19, life transitions, crises, parenting, addictions, depression, sexual orientation, transitioning, gender questioning, chronic illness, ageing, sexual abuse, trauma and the residue of early childhood experiences. If you don’t see your concern here, please feel free to contact me to find out if it’s something I work with.




The counselling I offer is flexible and centred on the healing path of the client. My job is to bring the resources and skills I have, as a trained therapist and as a fellow human being, to help you with the challenges in your life, to find your way through the difficulties that are confronting you.

My practice is based on psychological theory and I have close to four decades of experience as a therapist. I have undergone over a decade of specific training in Bioenergetic Analysis, some years of training in Bodynamics, and have trained in other modalities. I am also a student of meditation and mindfulness practice. My work is based on a synthesis of cognitive therapy, somatic therapy and focusing therapy.

The therapeutic approaches I employ must work for the individual client. We begin with an intake form and an agreement for counselling. I start by building a respectful relationship with a new client. This fosters exploration and helps to create a safe container for the process of counselling therapy. In that context I can best assess how to help you.



When you feel the burden of “going it alone."

When you have to keep everything to yourself.

When you feel you depend too much on the support of family and friends.

When the issues you face may be of a deeply private matter.

When you feel persistently unhappy.

When you are in grief or loss.

When you feel “down," depressed or anxious.

Counselling is helpful in times of crisis and transition.

Counselling helps us examine and change behaviours and communication habits that undermine our wellbeing and our relationship with self and others.

Counselling helps us articulate thoughts and feelings we might not normally share.

Counselling offers you the confidentiality that may not be available elsewhere in your life.



I am open to your inquiry. To make an appointment, or if you have further questions, please use the contact form below.